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What is your Therapy Journey?

A young woman is struggling with mental health, having her energy level empty.

Contact Us 
to know more 

Share with us how you are and your faced difficulties with at the moment.

Let us know what you hope to achieve through therapy.

The young girl suffering from mental health is receiving support from another person remotely. The two characters are multicultural.

First Session to determine your needs 

Book your first session. Your session link is sent to you in advance.
The first meeting is an opportunity for you to share your experiences and expectations for therapy.

After receiving some support the young person is starting  a mental health therapy and is able to grow by taking care of herself.

Start your therapy

Prepare for a comfortable and regular time space and start your therapy journey. You can Manage your bookings from your account section.

Meet you Therapist

Hi! 你好! I am Tiffany Leung

I lead Corimus services in therapy, coaching, consultation and professional training.

On the reflective note, I value my accumulated experiences, both professionally and in life, which I believe have relevantly contributed to my high standard of work.

I am an ethnic minority individual in the UK. I take pride in my work to support and advocate equal access to services particularly among individuals/groups from ethnic minotiry/BAME backgrounds. I am a great supporter of culturally sensitive therapy. I have worked in different settings, countries, and diverse groups of clients/patients.

Clients remember me the most as a person, not just my ‘professionalism’.

I invest sufficient time and effort into shaping my personal qualities such as kindness, compassion, respect for others and empathy.

Tiffany Leung Certified Psychologist based in UK speaking English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Therapy areas We Cover

Excelling at work and academic training
  • Lack of direction or vision in career

  • Dealing with pressure/responsibility

  • Navigating entrepreneurship 

  • Managing stress & anxiety

  • Attaining work-life balance

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