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A Space for Transformative Growth. 

Corimus is a bilingual Mental Health service by
Dr Tiffany Leung,  UK based psychologist

A girl providing support to another person remotely.


We offer Online Psychological Services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin languages.  Our services are led by Dr Tiffany Leung, UK accredited psychologist with 10+ experiences in Mental Health and Healthcare fields. 

Individual Therapy 

'A space for all' Culturally sensitive support that you can 'be you', gain healing, empowerment & growth. 

Family Therapy 

A safe space for you and yours to overcome challenges in your relationship(s) and communication breakdowns

Professional Clinical Supervision

Professional development and support for trainee & qualified counselors, psychologists and psychotherapists

A patient is having a therapy remotely with a certified psychologist who is listening to him through a screen.
A couple is doing a couple therapy remotely with the certified psychologist listening to them through a screen. Psychologist is using his expertise to understand their problems to  help them overcoming challenges in their relationship.
A certified psychologist with a team of health workers behind her supported and happy to work
‘The truth often does not lie within the right/wrong,
but the core of communication and respect.’

Dr Tiffany Leung

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